The strangest stories that Disney was going to make into a movie next

“Hercules” is not the only myth that Disney should consider adapting. Known as “Quetzalcóatl“to the Aztecs and” Kukulcán “to the Mayans, this feathered serpent god was originally associated with vegetation, but grew in popularity and influence until he was considered the morning and evening star, death and resurrection, priests, calendars, books, craftsmen and goldsmiths.

Quetzalcóatl was one of the most important gods in Aztec mythology because he had a direct hand in the creation of the present universe of mankind. After the death of the former reality, the feathered serpent fell into “Mictlan”, the Aztec underworld, regained the remnants of the previous universe and sprinkled them with his blood to create life anew.

In other myths it is said that he has refused human victims, a custom that the Aztecs are quite notorious for in favor of snakes, birds and butterflies in their place. He is also said to have ruled over the lands until night god “Tezcatlipocaused black magic to banish him to the east until Quetzalcóatl could finally have his prophesied return and finally liberate his people.

“While there is no myth or story that seems to work best for an adaptation, this has not stopped them before, especially in Larry Cohen’s low-budget horror flick.”Question: The winged snake. “Going beyond the genre and making things more kid-friendly, however, Disney could find inspiration in the rich cultural history and artistic art of the Aztecs and Mayans.

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