The Strange Story Behind Pat The Dog On Friends

Pat the Dog may have been one of Joey’s prized possessions in “Friends,” but fans of the series probably do not know that the ceramic dog actually belonged to one of the show’s core members. Despite Joey’s ownership of it in the series, neither was Matt LeBlanc the proud owner of Pat the Dog; the dog originally belonged to Jennifer Aniston (via Factify).

The “Friends” actress received the ceramic dog as a “good luck” gift from one of her personal friends to celebrate the sitcom’s premiere in 1994. In some unknown ways, the “Friends” writers eventually found out about the present and wrote it into the show. In a funny parallel to how Aniston also got the ceramic pet, the series even introduced Pat the Dog as one of the purchases that LeBlancs Joey makes for himself after he is hired to star in “Days of Our Lives.”

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