The strange parallel between Carrie and Lady Macbeth that you have never noticed

According to Reddit user u / nedelbach, Brian De Palma deliberately instructed Sissy Spacek to model her rigid posture and ice walk on Gustave Moreau’s 1851 painting “Study for Lady Macbeth”. . After pig blood is dumped over Carrie’s head and she takes revenge on her evil classmates, she actually channels the figure Moreau depicts with slopes of yellow paint.

Although “Carrie” and “Macbeth” on the surface seem to have little in common, there are quite a few connections between the two stories. In principle, both investigate shame, revenge and of course a whole lot of violence. In “Macbeth”, Lady Macbeth is driven to sleep while she is soaked in guilt for having participated in the murder of King Duncan. She constantly sees her hands as being touched by blood and tries to rub them clean – although of course there is no literal blood to be scrubbed away. Carrie’s strength falls on her when she gets her period for the first time in the school locker room, making her even more pariah than she already is. This eventually leads to the infamous prom prank involving pig blood. While Lady Macbeth regrets blood, she thinks she can wash off, Carrie is empowered by it – to terrible ends.

A fascinating performance about a horror film and quite an interesting parallel between two works that you would not want to connect together.

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