The Shocking Way You Can Binge The Office In Just One Week

You should know that if you do undertake the task of watching the entirety of “The Office” in a single week, your binge will pretty much become a full-time gig. As noted in Reddit user u/YRMama2’s post, to accomplish the mammoth task, you’ll need to watch about 28 episodes of the series every single day. Said user claims they’ve accomplished this feat several times in the past. If the responses to the post are true, then u/YRMama2 is not the only fan who’s given an entire week of their lives over to “The Office.” User u/d0ctormambo was quick to chime in that they too had done it: “I’ve done this multiple times as well!” User u/SwordandStitchLeathr acknowledged they’ve done the same, but that getting through the legendarily cringeworthy “Scott’s Tots” episode is a toughie.

“The Office” is uniquely suited to such an extreme binge, as episodes typically run just over 20 minutes each. Reddit user u/babbles even crunched the numbers to break down what the binge week in question might look like: “Roughly 10 and a half hours [per day]. 28 episodes at about 22 and a half minutes an episode. 28 X 22.5 = 630 minutes. 630/60 = 10.5 hours. 10.5 X 7 = 73.5 hours in a week. There is 73 hours of runtime … so you would have a spare half hour at the end of the week.” Only one question remains: Who among you is a tough enough fan of “The Office” to endure such an exhausting binge?  

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