The real reason why a jaw restart does not exist

In a report on an agreement between Netflix and Amblin Entertainment on June 21, 2021, Deadline also shared Steven Spielbergattitude to a potential “Jaws” remake. To put it briefly, he is not interested. During the Netflix-Amblin negotiations, Universal allegedly asked Spielberg to produce but not direct a remake. Spielberg said “No”, but this has been his position for some time.

Part of Spielberg’s reluctance may be due to the difficulty of filming the first “Jaws”. In an interview in 2011 with Is not that cool news, Spielberg explained why he refused a chance to control “Jaws 2”. “I knew that when I walked away from the sequel, I walked away from a big piece of my life that I had helped create, but it was not a difficult decision to walk away from it,” he said. “I just could not imagine going back to the ocean and sitting in a boat for 9 months. I just could not imagine it.”

But the biggest obstacle is Spielberg’s policy of remake his own films. In 2015, Spielberg told Deadline (via Bloody disgusting) that he would “never recreate” one of his own films, and he specified that he would not work on a remake of “Jaws” in particular. That’s an understandable position for a filmmaker of Spielberg’s caliber. And for people who want to preserve the sanctity of the original “Jaws” – not to mention fans of the legendary director’s other classics – Spielberg’s position is certainly a relief.

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