The real reason Quentin Tarantino quits Hollywood

On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host specifically asked Tarantino why he wanted to quit while he was “on top [his] game. Tarantino replied that potentially reaching the pinnacle of his creative powers had contributed to his desire to get out of the game, explaining: “That’s why I want to stop! Because I know film history and from here on out, directors do not get better. “

When Maher pressed the point, Tarantino admitted, “I have no reason to want to say out loud that it will win any argument,” but felt that over the course of his 30-year career he had given everything to his projects. The director then pointed to other famous filmmakers, including “Dirty Harry” director Don Siegel, arguing that if they had ended their careers at the right time, they would have left a more favorable impression.

Reports of Tarantino’s plan to retire after completing 10 films have been circulating for years, though the director has allowed some loopholes, such as the possible “Star Trek” project he was once associated with. Whatever happens, it raises the stakes for the director’s next and possibly final film, which remains unannounced.

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