The past is history, wrestler Sonam Malik Back to training routine: Ajmer Malik

By Chetan Sharma

New Delhi, August 16 (IANS) Depressed by the loss of his Olympic debut, wrestler Sonam Malik had shut himself off.

She felt ‘crushed’, but her childhood coach Ajmer Malik stood by her side and told her that “it’s not the end” of everything.

“When she came back from Tokyo, she felt so worn out. She closed herself, “said Ajmer. “We all know she’s a good wrestler, but sometimes it happens. I told her this is not the end of everything. You need to get up again and focus on future events. She has now begun her education. ”

Sonam’s Olympic debut ended in a defeat in the first round against Mongolia’s Bolortuya Khurelkhuu in the 62 kg category, after the former had chosen a defensive approach. The 19-year-old led the match 2-0, but reigning Asian silver medalist Khurelkhuu completed a take-down move with just 35 seconds left of the competition to equalize the score. The score remained 2-2 in the end, but as it was the Mongol who scored the last point with her move, she was declared the winner on criteria.

“She did not give her best in the match and lost. But this was her first Olympics and she is just 19 years old. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson on how to handle pressure. She was over defensive. It was a mistake. Nevertheless, she has had a great stage experience, ”said Ajmer.

Asked further about the message from the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) to Sonam, who had sought the help of an SAI official to collect his stamped passport, the coach said: “Sonam has apologized to the federation.”

“The league has always supported its wrestlers and we believe Sonam will be forgiven,” he added.


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