The parallel earth theory that changes everything on the manifesto

The concept of parallel universes as a plot unit is not new to comic book fans or TV and movie viewers. The CW’s superhero exhibitions have embraced parallel earths to begin and solve several stories, and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Vers” also stood on the concept. TV Fanatic recently explored possible explanations for what happened to the passengers in the “Manifesto” and suggested that one of the most likely solutions is that the passengers on Flight 828 come from a parallel universe.

The theory could explain a lot. As the dark lightning occurred during the flight, it could have caused the airplane and passengers like Ben (Josh Dallas), Mic (Melissa Roxburgh) and Cal (Jack Messina) to switch with their parallel counterparts from another earth. The wreckage found in season 3 belonged to the plane that crashed on an alternate ground. This anomaly could also explain why passengers have had visions of crashing during the flight. It would also mean that Ben, who returned to his wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis) and daughter, Olive (Luna Blaise), was not the same Ben they knew.

This theory could also make sense for death dates as shown on the show. The reason each of the passengers will die in five and a half years is because the universe corrects the anomaly and the parallel timelines merge. This may mean that the passengers have to be shifted back to their land and reunited with their true loved ones, but this does not explain what happened to Zeke (Matt Long), who was destined to die of frostbite but survived his date of death. If Zeke returned to his parallel land, the Zeke who remained on the “manifest” land would then be dead.

While parallel universe theory is still a possibility, there are too many plot holes that still need to be explained. Let’s hope creator Jeff Rake succeeds in giving fans a conclusion, and sooner rather than later.

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