The original ending to the ghost world was surprisingly dark

Some fans have interpreted Enid boarding the out of service bus as a metaphor for suicide, though Clowes was initially surprised by that understanding. In a 2002 interview at a comics and graphics novel conference, he said, “The first time I heard me say, ‘What? You’re out of your mind. What are you talking about?’ But I have heard it hundreds of times. “

Interestingly, the original ending to “Ghost World” saw Seymour die of suicide. In the same interview, Zwigoff said he “briefly” considered going that route, “but we toned it down a bit” as it was too dark. Instead, the film ends with Seymour still in therapy and living with his overbearing mother.

Given the actual completion, there is a chance that he considered or attempted suicide and moved home during the recovery phase. He tells his therapist that he is “ready to return to (his) old life” and shows that things may have turned around for him. However, given all that Seymour went through, it is also possible that he just needed time to recover after admission and could not live alone. Unlike the original ending, it is open to interpretation.

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