The Nightmarish Dating Show That’s Got Netflix Subscribers Obsessed

The new reality show is exactly the kind of pick-up that people need right now, and it’s clear that viewers love it. On Twitter, many people who tune in to “Sexy Beasts” find a surprisingly enjoyable show with extremely good costume and makeup in play. And hurt, @NandoGigaba praised the show by saying, “So much to love about the new unique dating show @sexybeasts. Beautifully expressed by a very charismatic @robdelaney, fantastic makeup / costumes, beautiful place choice. “Others like @thedarksidewon had a much simpler reaction to the show and tweeted that they were only “half occupied” only halfway through the first episode.

The creatures of “Sexy Beasts” are actually designed by Kristyan Mallett, a leading prosthetic artist who worked on the original “Sexy Beasts” series as well as movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” and the upcoming “Sandman” TV series, among many other projects. Talking with Variety, Mallett revealed that the process of applying the prosthesis to each person took about three hours each time, but it was obviously worth it.

Whether you want to appreciate the show for the talented people who create such detailed prosthetic creatures, or you just love awkward first dates, there is a lot that “Sexy Beasts” has to offer. Even critics find the show comfortable with Mia Mercado from Clipped with the title of its review, “This Should Be the Only Way Straight People Get to Date”, and you can honestly say that there are no shows like that on TV right now.

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