The most underrated Longmire characters, according to fans

ONE Save your user named server_busy asked the “Longmire” community what character they felt was the most underrated of the show’s cast and shared their thoughts that Ruby (Louanne Stephens), the shipper and office manager of the sheriff’s department, was the series’ most underrated character. “She is utterly credible as the department’s matron,” they wrote, pointing out that she was also “the only character who can place Walt in his place without a bottom.”

Users theTVifollow and meaganannmorrison both agreed where the latter said she loved Ruby even though she was only on the show’s second season. However, user KneeSockMonster claimed that the most underrated character was actually Travis (Derek Phillips), who was a childhood friend of Branch (Bailey Chase). “He was certainly a goofball with a long history of mistakes, but he was a good friend of Branch, [had a] big heart, [and] began trying to turn his life around, “they wrote. But it was not here that the list of Travis’ good qualities ended, as they also pointed out that Travis also supported Vic and” was ready to step up for her and the baby then she was pregnant. “

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