The most disturbing demons in Demon Slayer explained

One of the most disturbing demons in the entire “Demon Slayer” takes the form of a young boy with a spider-like clipping. A brutal and manipulative creature, Rui is part of the Twelve Kizuki as a lower rank 5. He is also the primary demonic villain in the Natagumo Mountain Arch, who saw young killers Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu reach their limits.

In the decades after he was transformed into a demon by Muzen Kibutsuji, Rui longed for a family. He created a spider family that painfully made smaller demons change their physical forms to match his (pale, white skin and hair, red eyes) and brutally punish those who went against him by letting them be pulled up outside to burn. in the sun.

Like the rest of the “family” he created, Rui has spider-like abilities. Being part of the twelve kizuki surpasses Rui’s strength and durability many other smaller demons. His Blood Demon Art consists of using steel wires to cut people to pieces and even cut through a demon’s killer Nichirin sword.

In one of the most intense battles of the first season, Tanjiro is exhausted and bloody from Rui’s discs, but is unable to defeat the demon. Even when Rui is beheaded after Nezuko unlocks his own Blood Demon Art, Spider Demon is still too powerful for Tanjiro. As Rui sets out to unleash his murderous eyeball on siblings, Hashira demon snakes Giyu Tomioka arrive and end the demon using Water Breathing: Eleventh Form – Dead Calm.

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