The most annoying character in the Halo franchise may surprise you

The most annoying character of the “Halo” games was, according to 22% of the fans, the man himself: Master Chief. The star of all major posts in the “Halo” series has worn his welcome to a solid portion of “Halo” fans, which may be why he shared the bill with Spartan Locke in “Halo 5: Guardians” – even if it worth noting that Locke ended up securing third place with 17% of the vote.

That fans will mention the hero in most of the “Halo” saga as the most annoying character is especially surprising when considering the outcome of another SVG poll. When asked which “Halo” game fans would most like to get rid of, fans overwhelmingly chose two that did not have Master Chief as the main playable character, “Halo Reach” and “Halo 3: ODST.”

Beyond that, the character who took second place in SVG’s most annoying character survey, Master Chief’s regular companion, Cortana, received 20% of the vote. Maybe it’s just a case of burnout from fans who have spent several games with the Spartan supersoldier and his AI assistant, but it’s hard to imagine “Halo” timeline which players love without this iconic duo.

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