The MCU Villain That Fans Agree With Most

It’s less surprising to see either of these villains at the top, since they both have compelling stories and are among the most popular in the MCU. Thanos — who arguably was the star of “Avengers: Infinity War,” delving into his motivations and loss — takes second place with 24.44%. After his home planet died out when they refused to follow his suggestion of killing half the population to save the other half, he made it his mission to collect all the Infinity Stones and wipe out half the universe, in the genuine hope that the remaining half would have more resources and live in less suffering. Although most ethicists would argue that these ends don’t justify the means, it’s a compelling argument and motivation that seem to have struck a chord with audiences.

Loki, however, beats Thanos out by under half a percent, with 24.81% of the vote. The longest-running villain of the entire group, first appearing in 2011’s “Thor” and now starring in his own show on Disney+, Loki, the god of mischief has had the most screentime of all these villains, and thus has had the most time to win fans over. Although it’s indisputable that he’s killed lots of people in his escapades, he’s also teamed up with his brother Thor and company when facing larger threats, and his new series is delving into what makes him tick and whether he can truly be redeemed.

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