The JJ story that had criminal thoughts, fans scraping their heads

Don’t worry, JJ and Reid are making it physically fine out of the tight situation: her confession gave him enough time to cut his ties and shoot their upcoming killer and save them both. However, the damage is emotionally damaged on the two signs and to lots of fans who were blindsides of the sudden confession.

In the upcoming episodes, JJ tries to play it off as if she lied to reassure the shooter, but Reid is not so sure. Their friendship is strained, but further deadly danger brings two hospital scenes: first, Reid struggles with the consequences alongside an unconscious JJ, and second, JJ reveals that she meant what she said, and went even further to say it he was her first love. Now considering there had been no mention of a JJ and Reid relationship since some sort of date in season 1, fans were not thrilled with this development.

Reddit user u / elliotgreyson brought it up on r / criminalminds and said, “[I]t honestly came out of nowhere [sic] … I feel like they just threw it at the last minute and tried to force a love triangle. Will deserves so much more, they worked so well together. With the love confession, it makes it look like a forced idea of ​​a love-sick puppy by Spencer. “They mentioned thinking JJ and Reid had a nice sibling-like relationship, but expressed particular concern about how this revelation affected Reid.

While some fans were quick to pile hate on JJ for what IMDb uses reginamiller took it to the writers and said, “to be honest, as they played it, JJ does not make you look like a good person, which is such an unfriendly thing to do for one of your original characters.”

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