The jaw-dropping good fight story you never get to see

As season 4 was about to wrap up, two characters just started a romance: Liz (Audra McDonald) and Caleb (Hugh Dancy). Not only did the two have to navigate a romance in the workplace, but they kept things pretty quiet as their relationship began – but also an interracial one, as Liz is a black woman and Caleb is a white man.

While interracial couples have become more and more common in recent years, they still face many difficulties – and the creators of “The Good Fight” directly wanted to tackle these challenges. In an interview, Robert King told TVLine about their plan to explore the “tension” that an interracial couple faces “when the police deploy themselves.” He explained, “The police are arriving and there’s just this massive excitement about how the world has changed for interracial couples. The police may be more reverent towards the white guy even though they’s in Liz’s beautiful house. We should watch, how a relationship taken to every other level is interrupted by the real world. “

On top of this, Michelle King added: “It would also have played along gender lines because it’s male officers who show up … Then the question becomes, ‘Is it racism? Is it misogyny?’ That makes it hard to analyze. “Unfortunately, they generally had to cut the story out of the series when season 4 ended too short.

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