The intense Sci-Fi thriller hidden gem you can find on Hulu

According to Variety, “Before We Vanish” was adapted from a piece by Tomohiro Maekawa. It tells the story of three aliens who have come to Earth to learn more about humans before the rest of their alien race invades the planet. Strangers possess three people, Akira Tachibana (Yuri Tsunematsu), Shinji Kase (Ryuhei Matsuda) and Amano (Mahiro Takasugi), and enlist the help of local “guides” to teach them about humanity. Strangers also take emotions, thoughts, and philosophical concepts from people to learn more about them and reproduce people without a basic understanding of things like love or family.

“Before We Vanish” won a Mainichi Film Concours Award as well as a Tama Cinema Forum Award and was nominated for about a dozen others per year. The film IMDb page. It also received plenty of praise online, with Variety dubbing it “a study of what constitutes humanity.”

Simon Abrams from Roger Ebert noted “that this movie clocks in after 130 minutes and feels like it could easily be half as long.” He also said: “This is the kind of film that is meant to inspire a hardcore cult of fans, and maybe even lead the next generation of genre filmmakers to tinker with their own big ideas. A little dead air is a small price to pay. pay for that kind of lingering happiness. “

“Before We Disappear” is now streaming on Hulu.

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