The innumerable truth of Steven Spielberg

Spielberg’s success was a dream come true for such an avid film fan. Not only did he meet many of his idols – some of them were even idolaters Hi m. He built one of his longest and most profitable friendships with Stanley Kubrick. The older filmmaker was one of the true legends in the field, whose groundbreaking work included “Dr. Strangelove”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Shining”.

And there was his last film, left unfinished at his death but completed by Spielberg. “AI: Artificial Intelligence” is Kubrick’s resumption of the “Pinocchio” formula based on the science fiction story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long.” According to cinema Richard Schickel, Kubrick originally planned to create his main character, David, entirely through special effects. When he came to realize that he needed a real child, he was so busy with his latest film, “Eyes Wide Shut”, that he knew a child actor would grow up before he finished working around about his second schedule. Seeing similarities between “AI” and Spielberg’s work, he handed over the story to his protégé.

Their collaboration was the fruit of a long-standing relationship. They were so close that Spielberg and Kubrick faxed each other all the time. This turned out to be a much worse idea than it sounds. As Spielberg explained (via the playlist), Kubrick took this form of communication very seriously. “Stanley said, ‘Okay, get a fax machine with a dedicated line that no one can read … You need to have a safe room somewhere in your house … With telephones and steel walls.’ Kubrick went on to say, “Let no one read what I write to you. And when I have finished writing and you have finished reading it and you have memorized it, I want you to tear it down. up, or better yet, shred it. “

Well, Spielberg ended up putting the fax machine in his bedroom and the eccentric filmmaker faxed him both day and night.

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