The innumerable truth of Kevin Feige

Over time, Marvel Studios has hired a rather eclectic group of filmmakers to manage individual titles in its film universe. Everyone from Cate Shortland to Jon Favreau has worked behind the camera on MCU projects. Given the often unorthodox choices of filmmakers, it may make you wonder how Feige exactly chooses directors for individual films or showrunners for Disney + films.

If a filmmaker wants to be considered by Marvel, the decision apparently depends on their previous works. “Do something that gets on our radar,” Said Feige to the New York Film Academy about the criteria for filmmakers that catch his attention. “And it doesn’t have to be a big giant movie. It can be a smart show.”

Of course, not everything is involved in the process. After getting the big man’s attention, it’s time to put the camera down and step into an office in a face time with Feige. As he put it, “Then we have a lot of meetings and see if we’re on the same page creatively. See if you know this is someone we can spend day in and day out with for the next three years, which is important. But it really comes down to ‘doing something that marks, no matter the size.’ And that seems to show how smart you can be. ”

Returning to these criteria for selecting Marvel Studios filmmakers has proved quite practical for Feige and the incredibly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has led to strong collaborations with the likes of Ryan Coogler, Taika Waititi, Jac Schaeffer and Michael Waldron. .

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