The innumerable truth about the umbrella academy’s Tom Hopper

Hopper’s transformation into a gymnastics bunny and health food fanatic did not happen overnight. He told People that in his 20s he smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and ate a lot of junk food. “An average McDonalds trip would be a Big Mac meal with a big strawberry shake. And then two cheeseburgers on the side,” he said.

Hopper began to notice that the health effects were reaching him: He says he constantly had headaches. But going to the other extremity by cutting out all the carbs and found on chicken and broccoli left him without energy. Now Hopper thinks he has found the right balance. He told Collider that he still tries to choose healthy foods – including responsibly farmed chicken – and enjoys making sure it tastes good, too. “Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring,” he said.

Delish got the chance to find out what Hopper has in his kitchen. On a virtual tour, Hopper showed off her herb garden and spice rack, which helps add flavor to all of these chicken dishes and his favorite staples, including cocoa powder, coconut flour, ghee, chia seeds, nuts and anchovies. No Griddy’s Donuts here.

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