The innumerable truth about the maid’s narrative

The series’ creator Bruce Miller is no stranger to writing for television – he has worked on a number of popular television shows such as “ER”, “Everwood” and “The 100” – but “The Handmaid’s Tale” was the first show he created . As it turns out, Miller had imagined this story on screen long before he was able to make it a reality.

In an interview with The dream cage Promoting the show’s first season, Miller explained that he was awarded the book in college for a “new fiction” class and fell for it. “I loved history. I was always a big fan of books that built the post-apocalyptic world. After school, I read it a few times over the years. Margaret Atwood was truly one of the people who taught me to write and how to think like a writer … When my career moved into television, I thought, ‘Oh, this would make a good TV show.’ “

When Miller explained that he was fascinated by the idea of ​​diving into all the details and “tips” given in the book, he saw the larger world as ripe for exploration. But more than anything else, he was attracted to the characters Atwood had created.

“It all goes back to the people who live in this world and how they survive and how they are trapped by their own choices,” he said. “I wanted to tell the story of how these people lived through the experience and how they came out on the other side alive and with some of their identity still intact. That was the thing I loved about the book, and realized at the end, that Offred has stayed alive. “

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