The Incredible Avatar Scene James Cameron Was Told To Cut

During James Cameron’s online MasterClass on filmmaking, he shared a story about one of the most breathtaking scenes from “Avatar” — where Jake first learns to ride a mountain banshee (called ikran by the Na’vi). The sequence provided beautiful aerial shots of Pandora, and stunning views of the moon’s unique topography. However, Cameron revealed that the studio executives didn’t think it was worth including.

According to Indiewire, Cameron simply wanted to show Jake riding a banshee even though it didn’t necessarily have to be shown. “Sometimes it should just be something you want to see as a filmmaker … and sometimes the only way to see it is to show it,” he explained in his MasterClass. /Film further reported that because the flight sequence lasted for a few minutes, “someone urged [Cameron] to cut it down because they felt it didn’t add anything to the plot. But Cameron countered that he didn’t care — he wanted to see it, and it stayed in the movie.”

The lesson here for future filmmakers? Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts, and add a little pizzazz for the beauty of it. We can’t wait to see what other amazing moments we’ll get to witness in “Avatar 2.”

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