The German Olympic Pin That Made It Onto Pawn Stars

It certainly seemed a German Olympic pin would be worth at least $100. And Rick seemed to recognize that its history upped its value. “This is pretty cool,” he said, inspecting the item (via YouTube). “This was the first mega Olympics like we’re used to today where it’s like this grand event.”

That may sound like Rick was simply all-in on the item. However, he made his opinion clear when it came to the pin’s history, noting Berlin was granted the right to host the Olympics before Hitler came into power. “Hitler wanted to show the world that he had the master race and the greatest economy and all this other stuff, and all he really did was show the world that he was an a**hole,” Rick said. He noted that the Olympic Committee “never expected this racist a**hole to be running the Olympics.”

His position on the era established, Rick was ready to deal. And Harold was hoping to make $300 on the pin. It was a surprising bid for $200 more than he claimed the old man owed him in that poker game. 

Knowing the pin was far from rare, Rick offered the seller $75. When Harold asked him to go up to $200, though, Rick relented. For $100, Harold had his debt settled, and Rick became the owner of an Olympic pin with significant historical worth. 

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