The ending of Netflix’s sex / life season 1 explained

It may seem like Billie chooses sex over marriage, but really she chooses a third option. On the show, Sasha (Margaret Odette) is both Billie’s best friend and a positive example of Billie for how she can live her life. In season 1, Sasha has just published a book about the very dilemma that her best friend is going through. In a book signature, Sasha describes the difficult situation that society puts women in. “Do you know who else changes code? Women,” she explains. “We fall in line. We fall in language and behavior that fit expectations that men have dictated. We make ourselves smaller.”

In her book, conveniently titled “The Third Way,” Sasha advises women to honor their own feelings first. And that’s essentially what Billie does in the finale. Having to choose between Cooper or Brad would require Billie to suffocate a part of himself. So Billie doesn’t really choose Brad over Cooper; she chooses to respect her desire to have both.

Or as Shahi put it in an interview with Refinery 29, “Many people go,” Is that Team Cooper? Is that Team Brad? I’ve always been on Team Billie. “She added that she does not believe in ‘the notion of being able to find yourself or define yourself as a woman through a man.’

Of course, Billie’s decision is only hers. The show does not share Brad or Cooper’s reactions, but it is likely to cause major setbacks. If “Sex / Life” gets another season, it will most likely examine the implications of Billie’s decision and whether she can actually “have it all.”

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