The Ending Of Black Widow Explained

Examining Natasha Romanoff’s ending in “Black Widow” is impossible without taking the prequel nature of the film into account because, of course, we know where she’s eventually headed. By the end of the film, she’s got the blonde hair we first see her sporting in “Avengers: Infinity War,” and one movie later, she sacrifices herself to save her friends in “Avengers: Endgame.” It would seem, at first glance, like this movie is just there to set her up for those two installments and nothing more.

But look closer, and “Black Widow” actually primes Natasha for more than her eventual death. Yes, we know she’s fated to end up on Vormir, but at the end of this film, it turns out that she — not Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson — is the one who picks up the Quinjet that allows Team Cap to continue running secret missions across the globe for the next two years. When “Black Widow” begins, Natasha declares herself out of the game, but by the end of it, she’s got a new sense of purpose, making her the driving force behind the secret Avengers team that heads out to help the world in ways the MCU still hasn’t fully shown us. We don’t really know exactly how she went about assembling Sam, Steve, and Wanda to go out and help people once again, but now we know she was an integral part of forming the group and not just following her friends into battle.

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