The detail that makes this criminal sense ends so intensely

After an atypical protracted monologue – mourning the loss of Mason and Lucas ’89 victims, the deaths of the two murderers and the countless lives affected by these tragedies (including his team) – Hotch returns home and pours himself a well-deserved drink . But something looks like. It’s not uncommon for “Criminal Minds” to continue an episode after the final monologue is packed, and viewers, to their horror, soon find out why this episode has taken such an unusual turn.

In a voiceover, Hotch repeats the starting lines of his final monologue as viewers watch him turn towards Reaper (C. Thomas Howell), who has been waiting in his home and now holds a gun to his head: “Like I said, sometimes there is no words, no clever quotes to nicely summarize what happened that day. “Reaper, a serial killer who had previously tried to get Hotch to stop chasing him in return for not killing more people, says Hotch: “You should have made a deal.” The voiceover continues, “Sometimes, the day just …” and then the screen goes black, viewers hear a shot, and Hotch ends, “… ends.”

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