The Dark Reason Meowth can speak in Pokemon

In the “Pokémon” episode “Go West Young Meowth”, the gang packs up and takes a trip to Hollywood, which apparently exists within the “Pokémon” world – still in California, though an unknown distance from the Kanto region. But remember the confusing geographical leaps that evoke, the important part is that Meowth is not distracted by the light of Hollywood or the flaw in his expectations. No, he’s in full jaded, reminiscing mode.

With flashback scenes and Meowth’s narrative, the episode reveals that when he was very young, he was alone, hungry and struggling to survive. After being bound by some people, he watched a movie and decided that Hollywood was a one-way ticket to a decadent lot of food. But when he first got there, he found no fame and ice, but rather more struggle. Fortunately, a gang of street meowths led by a Persian, the developed form of Meowth, welcomed him. He was still looking for love.

Enter Meowzie, a cute, female Meowth owned by a rich woman with a diamond-studded pokéball. Meowzie ignored Meowth because he could not support her as a human can. So to win his heart, Meowth set out to become a human being. Or at least human-like.

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