The Criminal Minds Scene that went too far

Season 8 episode “The Lesson” features some really hard to watch scenes as the non-teens kidnap people and turn them into live puppets. To do this, he uses medieval torture equipment, so the camera looks uncomfortably when a woman’s arms are torn out of their sockets and lifted over her head. It is not bloody, but the unnatural position and movement is enough to make someone shudder in disgust.

Later, the foreclosure stretches its victims up on a stage and puppets them while they are still alive. In one scene, he forces a girl to dance, and in a disturbing moment, it’s almost beautiful until you remember it’s a living person bent at unnatural angles. The painful torture, combined with the victims’ complete lack of power but full awareness of the situation, makes these scenes go too far.

This episode is directed by none other than Matthew Gray Gubler, who portrays Spencer Reid about the series, but also steps behind the camera a few times. He is known for directing extremely spooky episodes, which definitely pleases some fans. On Save your, said one fan: “I love and hate this episode. Love it because everything by it was so well done. hate it because everything by it was so eerily well done.” Another said it had their “belly gurgling.”

Ultimately, anyone who watches “Criminal Minds” must have a high tolerance for violence. It’s not for everyone – even one of the actors found it too disturbing.

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