The Bizarre Influence Chick-Fil-A Has On The MCU

It all started back in 2009 when Cathy rented out an empty airplane hanger that he just happened to have lying around (because who doesn’t?) to the Lifetime Network. They were looking for studio space in order to film their hit show “Drop Dead Diva.” Cathy became “hooked” after sitting in on filming and started looking for more business partners. According to Forbes, Frank Patterson, the current president and CEO of Trilith Studios (the filming home of many MCU movies), has described Cathy as having “the soul of an artist,” which may explain why the billionaire has invested so much of his fortune in Trilith.

Trilith Studios is located 25 miles south of Atlanta. It started as a $50 million joint-venture for the land and 250,000 square feet of office space, warehouses, and workshops. It has since been invested in time and again to develop some of the most sophisticated movie sets that money can buy, and is now the second-largest movie studio in the U.S. So far, the revenue from Trilith comes from renting out their stages and spaces to networks and studios that don’t have their own private presence in the area. This simple operation rakes in as much as a whopping $40 million a year. Though, that’s arguably small potatoes compared to the up-and-coming real estate market that’s happening across the highway.

Trilith, Georgia, is transforming itself into the next Hollywood. Those who live and work locally in the entertainment industry have been contacted by friends and colleagues in L.A. about moving there. So far, Trilith Studios has plans to invest another $585 million over the next few years to build up amenities in the town, bring in more entertainment companies, and, hopefully, become a billion-dollar company by the middle-to-late 2020s.

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