The Big Bang theory moments that people think went too far

25.75% of respondents believe that the time Amy (Mayim Bialik) gave cigarettes to a nicotine-dependent monkey she brought home from her lab went too far. Apparently, most people do not find animal cruelty very funny.

In Season 4 Episode “The agreement dissection, “Sheldon goes to Amy’s apartment and meets Ricky, a monkey sitting on a table and chain smoking Amy explains that he is part of the neurobiology department’s nicotine addiction study and she brought him home because she wants him to be comfortable she kills him. “I give him emphysema; the least I can do is let him hang out and watch cable,” she says. Ricky deliberately blows smoke at Sheldon, for “he’s a bit of a **, according to Amy. Amy did not give cigarettes to a monkey for her own entertainment; she did scientific research. But she still deliberately and willingly exposes a monkey to a slow one. , painful death, and it goes too far.Just because science can not mean that science should.

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