The best and worst Batman villains we have yet to see on the big screen

King Tut, the alias of William Omaha McElroy, is another Batman villain from the 1960s Batman TV series (as well as being one of two TV-based villains who solved Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne with Egghead ). The villain began as a humble Egyptologist in Yale who was caught in a violent student protest involving rock throwing. One of the rocks knocked the professor unconscious, and he turned out to believe in himself a reincarnation of King Tutankhamun (and that Gotham is the ancient city of Thebes). His goal? To regain control of Goth … um, Thebes. And of course, Batman stands in his way.

Everything Tut uses has an ancient Egyptian theme, and he even calls Egyptian curses against his enemies. He also has a host of underdogs, all with Egyptian-themed motifs like Nefertiti, Cleo Patrick and others. While a visually archaic villain, the enemy actually had some interesting weapons, including a hollow Sphinx statue that made “predictions” and a spell called “Abu Rabu Simbu Tu” that could paralyze the human will. So far, his only big screen appearance, you guessed it, is like a como in “The Lego Batman Movie.” It’s another case of a villain who’s just too conceptually and visually silly to seem really threatening.

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