The Bad Guys release date, cast and plot

According to the 2019 Deadline film, “The Bad Guys” will undermine genre norms in the same way as some of its DreamWorks predecessors. Specifically, “it is said that the animated project has a similar twist on the heist genre, as ‘Shrek’ did about adventure, and what ‘Kung Fu Panda’ did for the kung fu genre.”

“The Bad Guys” will largely follow the plot of its written source material, which is described in more detail in a subsequent Deadline article announcing the film’s release date in 2022. The film plays five anthropomorphic animals named Mr. Wolf, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Mr. Snake. Previously, these five were successful criminals responsible for a series of profitable robberies. However, their next mission at the start of the film is not criminal, but “going well.” Given their criminal past, this is “their most challenging job yet.”

More details on “The Bad Guys” should come up as April 15, 2022 approaches.

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