The AHS universe, where fans would rather spend the night

With 193 of the 491 votes, fans decided they would check into the Hotel Cortez one night. Season 5’s eccentric, art deco hotel can be considered the portal to hell, but fans pointed out that this was the best answer because many guests can stay overnight and leave unscathed. As long as they can, of course, avoid being killed.

The top comment from u / ItsDarwinMan82 read, “If Liz Taylor serves drinks, it’s Hotel Cortez.” Taylor (Denis O’Hare), a fashion icon and protective bartender, is maintained by many fans as a comfort figure. Other fans agreed that they would hang out at the bar all night, inclusive u / Prodigal_Son22 who quipped, “The bar at Hotel Cortez is literally the only place you power take good care of yourself.”

Apart from the bar, the hotel is home to the vampire Countess (Lady Gaga) and James March (Evan Peters), who enjoy chasing guests. In addition, there is a collection of serial killers and alarming residents like Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson). However, u / telekineticeleven011 suggested that “as long as the Addiction Demon does not come out, I would stay there one night.”

And the worst place to stay overnight according to fans? Briarcliff Manor, which received only 52 votes, was declared by a user as insecure because of the sadistic Nazi doctor, zombie-like creatures, torture treatments and punishments and the possibility of being abducted by aliens. Suddenly, Hotel Cortez sounds comparable to a Hilton Hotel.

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