The 3 Steam Deck models explained

The lower end model comes to the shockingly low price point of $ 400 (only $ 100 more than standard Nintendo Switch), but some pretty intense cuts have been made to get there. Valve President Gabe Newell told IGN getting to the $ 400 price point was a “painful” process, but that it was also worth it to be able to release an entry level device to new customers. Still, it may still be worth getting a higher price.

While most components are the same across all three Steam Deck models, the $ 400 model storage solution is significantly smaller. According to Steam Deck store page, mid-tier has faster storage than low-tier, while high-tier is labeled as the fastest.

The biggest difference is the eMMC drive compared to the NVMe SSD on the other two models. EMMC reads at about 500 MB per Second, while the other drives should read at about 4 GB per second. Second, as noted by GameSpot. While mileage may vary from game to game, the 64GB model will read 1/8 of the other models.

It is also important to remember that 64 GB is a relatively small storage space in modern games, especially when something similar “Red Dead Redemption 2” takes up 150 GB alone.

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