Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot

The final moments of “Tell Me Your Secrets” season 1 have set an exciting scene for season 2, which only adds to our hopes that Amazon chooses to renew it. Emma faces a series of enemies in season 2 after the season 1 finale, “The Dead Come Back”, puts her at odds with almost every key player in the show. The most explosive revelation from the season 1 finale revealed that Emma remembers knowing Mary’s missing daughter, Theresa, because she had dated Emma’s ex, Kit. Emma also remembers attacking Theresa out of jealousy. The second major revelation involved Theresa, where the audience found out that the daughter Mary thought was lost was actually living a lot. Mary refuses to believe the truth about her daughter and publicly accuses Emma of what happened to Theresa at a press conference, thus setting up what could be the main conflict in season 2.

The Season 2 story would probably also dig into other loose ends from Season 1. This includes showing the audience what happens to John after Emma attacks him, as well as two intriguing plotlines involving The Jerome House. In a potential arc, we learn in “The Dead Come Back” that Rose (Chiara Aurelia) and her father, Bodie (Richard Thomas), planned to kill a Jerome House resident after hearing about a medical conspiracy that took place behind closed doors. The other involves Peter Guillory (Enrique Murciano), who is involved in the conspiracy and seems ready to meet Emma.

All in all, there is plenty of history to work with when it comes to the future of “Tell Me Your Secrets.” Better start by crossing your fingers that Amazon decides to renew it and continue this exciting drama.

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