Tanuja Recalls Sibling Bond With Sister Nutan

The veteran actress Tanuja remembers her elder sister, the late legendary actress Nutan, with love and respect.

“We’d fight and argue but we loved each other. Nutan was seven and a half years older than me. She was like a mother to me and, as I was younger, in the family, I was loved by everyone,” Tanuja recalled, on the show “Super Dancer: Chapter 4”, where she will be chief guest this weekend.

She shared an anecdote about her debut as a child actor with Nutan.

“During the shoot, Nutan made me eat 12 bananas just to teach a lesson! Although she knew very well that I hate bananas. But that’s the story of siblings. Even my daughters Kajol and Tanisha do the same. They continue to argue and refuse to let me intervene because they believe it is their problem and they can manage on their own,” said Tanuja on “Super Dancer: Chapter 4”, which airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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