Taliban shone alive Christian Afghans, hung him on pole: Report

Kabul: In a shocking revelation, former US Congressman Mark Walker has claimed that a Christian Afghan was skinned alive and hung on a pole by the Taliban, according to a report by India Today. In an interview with American radio host Todd Starnes, Mark Walker spoke about the Christian community based in Afghanistan and expressed concern for them. He said the clergy are trying to reach out to people but are concerned, the India Today report adds.Read also – Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s brother Hashmat Ghani promises allegiance to Taliban: Report

“I hate to use the word intimidated or scared, but maybe it’s appropriate in the situation when you talk about trying to sustain human lives, they’re trying to protect,” Mark Walker said. Mark Walker called the situation in Afghanistan “terrible” and said: “There are stories where an uncle who was connected to a Christian family was skinned alive and hung on a pole.” He claimed the incident took place on Tuesday and said: “They were connected to a family who would not resume and they took their uncle and in front of them, shone him alive and hung him on a pole.” Read also – 14 arrested in Assam for posting on social media supporting Taliban: police

When asked about the source of these details, Walker was quoted as saying: “I can not go into all the details about it, but some of the assets and contacts that still have people working there, both on the side of the ministry also since some of the assets we have had in place over the last few years are where some of this information is capable of forcing derivatives. ” Read also – VIDEO: Desperate to flee Afghanistan, thousands flood Kabul airport | WATCH

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