Takt Op. Destiny Release Date, Cast And Plot

Based on the trailer, “Takt Op. Destiny” takes the idea of classical music and places it in a blender with striking visuals, alien invasions, and devastating attacks. In other words, it’s a unique center stage only anime could provide. Per Anime News Network, the plot of “Takt Op. Destiny” has to do with the aliens D2. They appeared on Earth after a Black Meteorite fell from the sky and wiped away all music since it’s their only weakness. But some oppose the D2, notably the young women called Musicarts who hold the power of music, specifically classical scores that can defeat the D2.

Conductor Tokuta Ashina can lead and bring out the musical power of these Musicarts. In 2047, he and Unmei find themselves on a quest to New York to stop the D2. The anime seems to mirror the central premise of the game. However, with several other Musicarts besides Unmei revealed in the upcoming title, it’s likely that we will also be introduced to them in the anime series. Because the series is rooted in actual classical music pieces, it could also be a learning experience, perhaps briefly explaining the history of some of these famous compositions.

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