Sissy Spacek did her own stunt work for this classic horror scene

Sissy Spacek insisted that her hand was the one that stretched up from the ground under the ravaged “for sale” sign in the concluding scene of “Carrie”. As Sue Snell (Amy Irving) kneels to place flowers under the cross, roughly saying “Carrie White Burns in Hell!”, A bloody arm jumps off the ground to grab her. She screams and strokes around, inconsolable as she wakes up from the nightmare.

As Spacek told NPR, it’s her hand: “I do all my own foot and needlework and have always done.” Laughing, Spacek told Terry Gross that she used to go to the theaters to see the last five minutes of “Carrie” to “see everyone jump out of their chairs.”

“The music is really beautiful and relaxing and sudden [my hand] come up and people just go crazy, “she said. The scare would have worked with another hand, but knowing the actress’ commitment to the role makes it so much more exciting.

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