Should You Opt for Certified Pre-Owned or Used Car? Important Factors to Consider!

CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicles are highly coveted used cars currently in the market. They have been inspected well and just few years old. They are even equipped with complete warranty coverage.

However, all of these benefits indeed come at premium. CPO cars generally cost more than the non-certified used ones. So, if they exceed your budget, you can consider buying a used Mercedes-Benz car and then you can buy extended warranty to complement it. The following section explains you both the approaches and important things to be kept in mind.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

A CPO car is the one that has lightly been used, well inspected, and covered by manufacturer-backed extended warranty. CPO programs provide additional benefits that can include roadside assistance, satellite radio subscription, and free maintenance depending on program.

It is to be noted here that these benefits are a part of the car purchase and you don’t need to buy them separately. Some of the CPO vehicles might also have less finance rates that are offered as promotions that won’t be available in conventional used-car deal.

What does “Certified” actually mean?

Some of the car dealerships put “certified” label on the used vehicles after putting them though just basic reconditioning or inspection. Well, these cars aren’t actual certified vehicles since they haven’t met manufacturer’s inspection criteria. They don’t even come with factory extended warranty. Moreover, a genuine CPO vehicle can only qualify for extra perks of CPO program.

Considering buying Used Vehicle

While CPO Mercedes Benz model can be an ideal fit for many of the drivers, do you know when you should consider buying used Mercedes model? Check out the following points to know whether a used vehicle is right for you or not.

  • A used car often cost less than similar certified pre-owned offer.
  • It is the best option for you if you want a bargain.
  • Both Certified Pre-Owned as well as used vehicles receive top quality customer service as well as attention.

However, it is to remember here there is definitely something about used car that keeps it out of CPO program. It is possible that it might be too old or had already too many miles. It might even be possible that it had body digs that disqualified it.

When buying a car, the two most important factors to remember are cost of warranty and price. Make sure to consider the above factors well to make the right decision.