Shabana Azmi complains about scammers


Veteran actress Shabana Azmi took to social media Thursday night to complain about scammers who cheated on her by using the name of an online liquor store in the city.

“Finally, the owners of @living_liquidz are tracked down & it turns out that the people who cheated on me are scammers who have nothing to do with Living Liquidz! I urge @mumbaipolice and @cybercrime to take action to prevent these crooks from using the names of legitimate companies and cheating us, ”tweeted Shabana Azmi, tagging Mumbai Police.

It all started after the actress tweeted earlier in the day claiming she had been cheated by a liquor store that received online payment from her, did not deliver the goods and stopped taking her calls.


“BEWARE, I have been cheated by them. #Living Liquidz I paid in advance and when the ordered item did not show up, they stopped picking up my calls! I paid account no. 91917198 ****. IFSC- PYTM0123 ***

Name live liquidz. Paytm payment bank, ”Azmi tweeted on Thursday morning.

In a comment to her tweets, network users suggested the actress place an order using the store’s app and make the payment after delivery.


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