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Saks Off 5th follows in the footsteps of its namesake, shares its e-commerce business and sees great growth with some new backing.

The parent company Hudson’s Bay Co. collaborated with investor Insight Partners to establish Saks Off 5. e-commerce company as an independent company.

Insight invested $ 200 million in Saks Off 5th, valued at approx. $ 1 billion And cut a light on the value potentially sitting in the digital operation of any number of fashion retailers.

The luxury-off price side goes out on its own with some momentum.

“So far, Saks Off’s 5th digital business is up over 100 percent for the same period in 2019,” Richard Baker, HBC’s governor, CEO and CEO, said in an interview.

Baker said HBC has invested in fulfillment and technology infrastructure for the company, but that Saks Off 5th can now charge for bringing in more digitally savvy talent and focusing more specifically on the e-commerce potential.

Richard Baker

Richard Baker
Patrick Macleod / Headline 4 Ever

With Baker’s move to set up independent e-commerce companies at both Sak’s full price and off-price, retail has largely come full circle and goes back to the early days of online, when the big retailers set up independent e-commerce companies before absorbed them later on in an omnichannel rush.

Now e-commerce is not just growing, but is gaining momentum in fashion.

“These companies got too big and you need a separate team and separate investors focusing on each of these companies,” Baker said. “Investors have different expectations for each of these … You need a digital type of team.

“I’m sure over time you will see other people in the industry follow the path we’ve set out here,” he said.

The Saks Off 5th deal reflects the structure of the partnership that HBC used this year to recreate Saks Fifth Avenue. In that transaction, Sak’s e-commerce business was spun off as an independent entity when Insight pumped $ 500 million into the company worth $ 2 billion.

Sources expect that both partnerships – for Saks and Saks Off 5th – will eventually lead to initial public offerings.

Saks Off 5th’s 105-door retail business remains 100% owned by HBC and will now go after O5, though consumers should not notice much of a difference as the two companies will continue to work together to provide a hassle-free shopping experience. Marketing and merchandising for both companies will be led by Saks Off 5th to help present a unified front for shoppers.

Paige Thomas

Paige Thomas
Michael Nakamura

Paige Thomas, who took over Saks Off 5th as president in February 2000, will lead the e-commerce business as president and CEO. And Rob Brooks, former Chief Customer Officer for Saks Off 5TH, now leads O5 as president.

Saks Off 5th move will prepare the company to go for the still underdeveloped space with digital off-price – two aspects of the industry that have grown dramatically, although not together as off-price is still pretty much a brick and mortar affair.

“No question, we think this is an untapped opportunity,” Thomas said. “There are very few competitors in the off-price space. Other large retailers that actually have a low price scale, they do not play online and they are pretty high in saying they do not want to play in that space. We are very familiar with those who have scale in online off-price and we believe we can be bigger.

“There are very real industry trends that call for the growth of online, the growth of luxury, the growth of value, and when you put those things together, this is where Saks Off 5th is uniquely positioned to win,” said Thomas.

“We have incredible access to highly desirable brands,” she said. “We describe ourselves as sitting in a moat in the online prize space.”

The company is also branching out more. Saks Off 5th added 200 marks in the past year and plans to double that in the future. Saks Off 5th has an even assortment of items that are always available, and then some surprises are mixed in, giving the treasure hunt that off-pricers have used to bring in customers, she said.

And Thomas and the team have a little new support when they go to take over / create a new world.

“There is a growth opportunity in the luxury off-price category, and we believe Saks Off 5th has carved out a differentiated position in a non-profit market,” said Deven Parekh, CEO of Insight Partners. “We are consistently impressed with Saks Off 5th management team and their focus on developing an unsurpassed experience of e-commerce. We look forward to working with HBC on this new partnership as they continue to build on Saks Off 5th’s momentum and growth trajectory. ”

Franz-Ferdinand Buerstedde, CEO of private equity firm Rhône and a member of the HBC Board of Directors, said: “This is another big step in our partnership with Richard Baker at HBC and Insight Partners. Paige Thomas and her team at Saks Off 5TH have done an incredible job of imagining and transforming the company into the leading destination beyond the price of designer fashion, both through the booming digital platform and its stores. The changes announced today will provide the company with capital, additional expertise and resources to drive continued growth. ”

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