Scarlett Johansson confirms what we constantly suspected about Black Widow

While “Black Widow” gives fans a chance to see Natasha on screen again despite her “Endgame” death, the thought that it might be Natasha’s last arc has probably been in the minds of moviegoers. During his interview with Comicbook.com, Johansson was asked if “Black Widow” would be her last appearance as Natasha.

Johansson replied: “Honestly, I feel like it always is, it feels great to leave a party when it’s still raging, and I think that [Black Widow] feels a lot like it is alive and fresh and powerful and I feel really happy with it. I feel really happy with the work we have done this decade and you know it’s bitter to say ‘goodbye’, but if you love something, release it! “

Johansson had previously spoken with Comicbook.com about how she feels about her character’s death in “Endgame,” declaring that she’s happy with it and found it not only appropriate but powerful. She said, “Her sacrifice was a really altruistic offer … I think that just being in that kind of main space and being able to make that decision, the selfless decision, the selfless act, is so incredibly strong. It is amazing that she could be in this main room to do that. “

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