Ride Along 3 Release Date, Cast And Plot

As explained in the above article from The Wrap, which features an interview with franchise director Tim Story, the third film in the “Ride Along” franchise is officially in motion but does not yet have a start date for filming. The movie’s been in a state of pre-production since at least 2016. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who wrote the two previous movies in the series, are currently working on a treatment for a third film. 

However, there has been no update to the movie’s status since 2018, when producer Will Packer told Metro, “Yeah, we are actually still working on the script for that…And Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are both extremely busy, so we’ll see. I’ve got to find the time.” So it’s impossible to know when you’ll be able to watch the film. 

If the film’s pre-production work were completed today, factoring in production and editing time, you likely wouldn’t be able to watch “Ride Along 3” until 2023 at the earliest.

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