Rick And Morty’s leaked episode confirms what fans secretly feared

As reported by Cinema mix, Amazon Prime Video in Canada made a blunder and accidentally released episode 7, “Gotron Jerry’s Rickvangelion”, as it should have released episode four. The service quickly corrected the error, but of course the Internet worked faster and the episode leaked online.

The episode, parodied after the cult classic “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, sees the Smith family’s pilot giant mixes remove some threat. However, it also sees the return of the same incest baby from episode 4, who will not be welcome for fans who were earned by the concept and wanted to move on from it. According to Cinema Blend, the baby will be named Naruto and continue the anime theme of the episode. Whether we like it or not, it seems like we’ll have to contend with the fact that the biological child of Morty and Summer may be a recurring character.

New episodes of “Rick and Morty” air on Sundays at 23 on Adult Swim.

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