Rent Runway’s Closet Concierge Teams Up with Tripadvisor Plus – Headline 4 Ever

Rent the Runway’s Closet Concierge is expanding its reach through a partnership with Tripadvisor Plus.

The partnership allows customers to drop off their luggage when going on holiday by providing designer rentals to their hotel. The bond with Trip Advisor Plus expands RTR Closet Concierge to 300,000 additional hotels in the United States

As reported, in 2019 Rent the Runway began collaborating with W Hotels to roll out the RTR Closet Concierge, which was launched at W Aspen, W South Beach, W Washington DC and W Hollywood.

“As our collective audience once again begins to raise IRL, we are focused on delivering Rent the Runway’s Closet in the Cloud to customers in the most hassle-free capacity. Partnering with Tripadvisor allows us to bring our Closet Concierge program to travelers on a unique scale, while reducing some of the frictions often associated with the travel experience, ”says Samantha Storch Malloy, Director of Partnerships at Rent the Runway , who is responsible for developing and leading the partnership.

As of today, when Tripadvisor Plus members book stays at one of their domestic hotels, they will receive an email offer to take advantage of the Closet Concierge program. Interested customers will be directed to a co-branded RTW and Tripadvisor Closet Concierge landing page, which will guide them through how to send their rental times to their hotel destination, which includes discounts on their items.

Customers have full access to all RTR items and can rent as many items as they want.

When customers arrive at their hotel, their goods will be there ready for them – cleaned and ready for use.

Tripadvisor Plus members can use the program even if they are existing or new RTR customers. Tripadvisor Plus membership is $ 99 per year. With the code RTRPLUS, new members can receive a $ 20 discount on their first year of membership.

Similarly, both new and existing RTR customers will be able to benefit from a 30 percent discount on RTR’s reserve rentals when using the new program.

Returns for the program work as they would for any order. When it’s time to return the goods, the customer puts everything in the packaging they are in and replaces the shipping label with the included return label. Customers can return goods via RTR’s transport partners or its network of drop boxes. The company offers four and eight day reserve rentals as well as subscription plans.

As reported, last month Rent the Runway submitted confidential paperwork to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.


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