Ray Donovan Movie Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Unfortunately, there’s no specific release date for the “Ray Donovan” movie yet. And it’s a little bit difficult to speculate on the exact date that fans should plan on. For one, production and release dates for the episodes themselves were sporadic during later seasons of the show. Secondly, COVID-19 still hasn’t been completely eliminated yet — which may affect production times, especially with news of Delta variants spreading across the U.S. (according to The Atlantic).

However, if this under-construction IMDb page is to be believed, fans will be getting their closure sooner rather than later. If you look closely, you can see that the page states that the movie is “in production” and is expected to have a 2022 release date, though when in 2022 is hard to say. Early or mid-July would be a comfortable prediction seeing as how the first several seasons of the show premiered like clockwork during that time frame. Then again, if the network is working hard to produce the movie and get it out as soon as possible, fans could get it even earlier than that. There’s no way to know for sure right now.

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