Prithviraj Sukumaran returns as police officer in Malaysian film ‘Cold Case’


The critically acclaimed actor-filmmaker, Prithviraj Sukumaran, is seen in the upcoming malayalam-direct-to-service offer – ‘Cold Case’, the audience and his fans will be treated by yet another police role by the actor.

Amazon Prime Video recently released a trailer of the investigative crime thriller that revealed Prithvirai’s role, and we hear his fans are very excited! In Cold Case, we see the superstar as a police officer inspecting a crime scene along with a parallel paranormal track. The hybrid elements of the plot are something not previously seen in a movie.

While the superstar has previously portrayed the role as a uniformed hero (read an officer) with great finesse, we see with Cold Case Prithviraj in a slightly different and more serious persona. And we hear that his character in Cold Case will be something that has never been seen before because of the film’s hybrid genre and unique story.


Speaking of the role of actor-filmmaker Prithviraj Sukumaran shares: “I’m really looking forward to the audience watching Cold Case. Playing the role of a cop was different this time around as all my previous police movies were character based but this one is plot based. When I heard the story, it was an instant yes for me as this is a hybrid genre film that is really well written. It has also been a great learning experience! ”

In the past, Prithviraj has played the role of police in films such as ‘Memories’, ‘Police Police’, ‘Mumbai Police’, ‘7th Day’ and ‘Raavanaa’ and proved to be one of the most beloved officers on screen. So no wonder Prithviraj was director Tanu Balak’s first choice for the lead role. When screenwriter Sreenath V Nath finished the script, the film photographer turned to the director and immediately turned to the superstar, who immediately loved the uniqueness of the action.

Cold Case is a fascinating story about a complex murder case, the investigation of which is undertaken by one of Trivandrum’s most ingenious officers – AVS Satyajith (Prithviraj Sukumaran). As Satyajith reveals several mysteries behind the murder, the case takes a rather ‘cold’ turn with the emergence of supernatural forces in the case. Finding Your Way Through Parallel Investigations ACP Satyajith and investigative journalist Medha Padmaja (Aditi Balan) eventually cross paths to uncover secrets they had never imagined.


Produced by Anto Joseph Films and Plan J Studios, directed by Tanu Balak and written by Sreenath V Nath, the investigative crime thriller is set for a global premiere on June 30 on Amazon Prime Video. Get ready for murder, mystery and chaos!


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