Principal looking for G-League opportunities after NBA Summer League Stint

Mumbai, August 13 (IANS) In two games played by the Sacramento Kings so far in the NBA Summer League currently played in Las Vegas, India’s Principal Singh took the field in just one minute and 22 seconds.

That one-minute 22-second game on Wednesday, however, is quite historic in the larger context of Indian basketball, as it meant that the 20-year-old principal from Dera Baba Nanak, Punjab, was only the second Indian after Satnam Singh Bhamara to play in the NBA. Summer League, the pre-league preparatory event where NBA teams try out new players as they get ready for the upcoming season. All 30 NBA franchises play in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Satnam had played for the Dallas Mavericks in the Summer League 2015 and also represented them in 2017.

Princepal, who also represented the Kings in the California Summer League, did not get to play in the Kings’ first game in Las Vegas, but made his debut – the brief appearance mentioned above – in the second game against the Washington Wizards.

Although Princepal was happy to get the chance to play for the Sacramento Kings in the Summer League along with their NBA stars and some upcoming players, this event will only be a two-week affair and the Indian players will have to look for a new contract after that.

“I have not thought much about it. I want to continue my education in Los Angeles. I’m thinking more about the Summer League now, ”he said during a media interaction on Friday.

“The summer league has all NBA players, and it is therefore a fantastic experience to play with them. It is a learning experience. ”

The NBA Academy India product was to get more chances in King’s upcoming matches and make it count, even though he could not score in his short appearance. Otherwise, his appearance may end up resembling the PR exercise it now looks like.

It is learned that Princepal now has an agent in the US and hopes to join a G-League team. He had appeared for the G-League Ignite team last season on a one-year contract.

The 20-year-old is hoping to get enough chances in the Summer League and impress some of the people scouting for new talent for G-League teams.


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