Picard Actor Says Filming Season 2 Is ‘Like A Party’

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 teaser trailer reveals that the extra-dimensional trickster Q (John de Lancie) will return, and it looks like the actor shares the character’s fun-loving disposition. De Lancie has been giving updates of his involvement in “Star Trek: Picard” in a series of Cameo posts (via Trek Movie). Recently, he told about shooting scenes with Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner (who plays Data and Altan Inigo Soong in the show), under the direction of none other than Jonathan Frakes (who also plays William Riker). According to the Q actor, the experience has been exhilarating, to put it mildly.  

“I’ve been having a really nice time working with Sir Patrick and with Brent, that was great fun. And with Jonathan Frakes, who just makes shooting a party,” de Lancie revealed.  

It’s great to find out that some of the old “The Next Generation” gang has not only gotten together, but is having an excellent time. Since Q’s return is definitely one of the things fans want about “Star Trek: Picard” Season 2, let’s hope that the show can capture the fun the actors are clearly having.  

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